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MDMC helps you gain the confidence and expertise you need 

by taking you from self-doubting and isolated physical trainer to becoming

a highly knowledgeable and empowered Movement Specialist who is equipped to:

 Assess movement, pain, and dysfunction

 Program and tweak successfully for maximum results

 Gain and retain clients through quality results and referrals


Traditional certifications and courses teach you WHAT to think. Our goal with the Multi-Dimensional Movement Coach Mentorship is to teach you the fundamental principles of movement, so you can know HOW to think and problem solve to meet your clients’ fitness goals and movement needs. This mentorship program includes:

140+ in-depth videos on biomechanics, tweakology, programming, coaching skills, business skills, & more

6 months of Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Gymnazo EDU Founder and CEO Michael Hughes

Access to our exclusive MDMC Discord Community

Lifetime access to the course and any updates

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What You'll Learn

Choose your own start date in 2022 and go at your own pace!

The MDMC Mentorship is a 6 month hands-on program where you will be learning about (and applying to your practice:
  • the fundamental principles of movement
  • chain reaction biomechanics
  • ​how to tweak exercises for different types of pain/discomfort
  • ​how to coach group sessions
  • ​how to organize and program a well-balanced full-body functional workout
  • ​what transformational zones are and how to use them to improve performance
  • ​& a whole lot more

This program is for you if:

  • You want accountability and a hands-on interactive learning experience.
  • ​You want real-time feedback on how to integrate what you've just learned into your practice.
  • ​You want to level up your knowledge of movement so you can start to help your clients address their movement-related pains.
  • ​You are open-minded to new ideas.
  • ​You want to move beyond bicep curls, leg presses and cardio machines.
  • ​You want to feel confident in your abilities to help any client that walks through your doors
  • ​You want to earn your clients' trust, respect and loyalty so they continue to come back to train with you. 
  • ​You want to create new opportunities to grow your business and make fitness a sustainable profitable career.
  • ​You can feel confident in your abilities to help any client who walks through your doors no matter their goals

Level Up Your Movement Knowledge and See Better Client Results

Get To Know Your Instructor

Our founder, Michael, since 7th grade felt called to restore movement and help get people back to enjoying their lives. Despite being rejected from grad school, Michael pressed on and every time he was faced with a problem he couldn’t solve, he invested in his education to level up. 

Over the last decade he has pioneered a new model of training that blends his heart for restoration with the energy of fitness training. A son of an entrepreneur, he witnessed the need for grit, ambition and vision when creating and sustaining a business.

He is our innovator, our internal movement guru. He is the one who is deeply connected to the dream to blend restoration training with performance. Michael’s mission is to elevate the industry’s standards for what quality looks like as a trainer.

The Story Behind Why We Developed this Program 

As a gym owner who's been in the fitness business for 14+ years, Michael understands the struggles of being a trainer: the long hours, the cancellations, the guilt and loss of income that comes with taking vacation, the do-it-all yourself grind. But Michael was able to overcome all of those struggles to create a 7-figure fitness facility and a sustainable career doing what he's passionate about. 

 Here's a video of Michael diving deeper into exactly why he created the MDMC Mentorship program and how he wants to help trainers help their clients and create a more sustainable long-term career in fitness.  

So there you have it! Since starting MDMC, we've had coaches see incredible results with their clients that they didn't even think was possible. From helping clients to find relief from 10-years worth of back pain to helping a client to walk without needing his cane, the principles and tools we teach in the MDMC Mentorship work like magic. 

The industry is so far behind when it comes to educating trainers about the truths and principles of movement. So much so that they literally aren't even teaching it! This is why it is our goal, with the MDMC Mentorship program, to help raise the industry's standards and close the gap between fitness and medical, but we can't do it without people like you who are striving to understand the body as much as possible to help your clients live happier healthier pain-free lives. 

What Trainers Like You Are Saying

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- Dave Martin
- Kyler Bradley

Learn how to think, not what to think

Get Results Like These Trainers

Give yourself a new set of “eyes” and buckle in for a masterful experience!

"The content I’ve learned in this course has helped me coach 60 and 70 year old individuals begin to “unlock” their bodies and reconnect with the joy it is to move pain-free. It’s also allowed me to teach teenagers how to establish quality movement practices as they move forward with their athletic dreams. If you are a professional in the Fitness industry, I can’t encourage you enough to take advantage of this course. I remember when I was going through the MDMC experience, each week felt like new layers of truth and chain-reactions were being revealed to me. There’s nothing else like it in our field. Give yourself a new set of “eyes” and buckle in for a masterful experience! 
- Matt Nelson, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Oaks Christian High School

I can’t thank Gymnazo enough for my transformative experience with MDMC. 

"Big thank you to Michael and the MDMC experience I value greatly to this day. We weren’t handed a list of prescribed exercises, we were taught from the ground up how to assess, guide and assist people to reach their goals. I’ve received great value from both functional movement skills but the also the extensive soft skills taught by Michael and Paden over my career. It’s assisted my growth immensely through the NFL and NCAA organizations I’ve been lucky to be a part of. I can’t thank Gymnazo enough for my transformative experience with MDMC. 
- Seb Zorn, MS, RD, LDN, CSSD Associate Director Of Sports Nutrition At Stanford Football

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