We help women stop peeing when they laugh, engage and strengthen their pelvic core and reverse embarrassing symptoms of Pelvic Floor Neuromuscular Dysfunction …. all naturally.  

One of the biggest hormonal events in most women’s lives…. 

is menopause or removal of your uterus (partial or full).

This is when embarrassing symptoms show up…. caused by a weak Pelvic Core Neuromuscular System (PCNS).  

Are you experiencing the following signs of a weakened PCNS? 

  • Urinary Incontinence (unintentionally peeing during jumping, laughing, coughing or sneezing) 
  • Diastasis Recti - separation of the abdominal muscles, often causing “mommy pouch” or stomach doming 
  • Pelvic Organ or Rectal Prolapse - heaviness or bulging in your vaginal or rectal region. That feeling something is about to fall out. 
  • ​Back or Knee Pain - often that no one can seem to explain 

Want to hear some good news? 

You do NOT have to "just live with it"! 

Your Pelvic Core Rebuilding Program 

Our 12 week training program provides you with… 

  • The Pelvi-core ball - a powerful piece of equipment designed to create the tension and resistance you need to train your pelvic floor 
  • ​A weekly training workout lead by PCNS Movement Specialist Kaleena Ruskin
  • ​A daily breathing routine and warm up to re-engage your core and bring abdominal separation back together
  • ​A quick reference guide for exercises or activities to avoid
  • ​ Important education and information to bring you confidence in your healing journey

Who Will Get the Best Results From This Program? 

  • Women who have ever peed when they laughed, coughed, sneezed, jumping or running (That’s an estimated 50% of women, so you’re not alone) 
  • ​Women who have had a partial or full hysterectomy.
  • ​Anyone who has ever struggled to feel their abs in a workout or ever feel sore after a core workout. 
  • Anyone who has struggled with getting rid of their tummy bulge/pooch or felt like they still look like they’re 5 months pregnant even though they’re not. 
  • Anyone who has pain during sex 
  • Anyone who feels like something could fall out of their vagina or rectum, particularly after being on your feet for a while and gravity kicks in. 
  • ​Runners who plan their running course around where the nearest bathrooms are 
  • ​Anyone who has had a baby or several babies… yes, even if it’s been a couple decades 
  • ​Anyone who can stick two or more fingers between their flexed abdominal muscles and can feel that separation 

Restore Your Pelvic Core Neuromuscular System in Less Than 12 Weeks 

You’re Not Alone…. Here Are the Facts 

Get To Know Your Instructor

Coach Kaleena is the mastermind behind the Female Core program. Her program is respected by OBGYN's, Labor & Delivery nurses, local urologists and surgeons. Through her work, Kaleena has personally coached over 100 women to success and saved dozens of women from having to get painful surgeries to resolve their symptoms. She has become the go-to resource for women in the San Luis Obispo community and is now on a mission to change over 1 million women's lives by helping them eliminate embarrassing symptoms 

Coach Kaleena is far more than a personal trainer or fitness coach. She is a Female Core Specialist, certified in Female Chain Reaction. She is a fellow of Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute, a certified Multi-dimensional Movement Coach and holds many other credentials and certifications. 

She is passionate about empowering women to take back control, to feel like they've gotten their body back after child birth and menopause. 

The Story Behind Why We Developed this Program 

There are daily struggles women share with one another ONLY after a couple of glasses of wine. And some of those include the embarrassing symptoms we’ve been discussing here. 

When you run a fitness facility, like we do, you obsess about solving your clients' complaints, particularly those that pop up around things like jumping, or running. We had successfully launched a workout program that was super successful with reducing incontinence, prolapse and other embarrassing symptoms perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal women often experience. But at the same time we had younger women, some whom had had recently had children and others who never had children.... all experiencing similar symptoms. 

All wanting help.

We realized the two biggest seasons of extreme hormone fluctuation are: pregnancy/postpartum and menopause. 

Is it any surprise the symptoms of both are SUPER similar? 

So we tested it. 

And it worked!

Our clients that were perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal got incredible results !

So we started to serve women in FULL OUT REBELLION that this would  NOT be their new normal. 

These embarrassing symptoms would NOT DEFINE THEM. 

They wanted healing. They wanted it naturally. 

They wanted it to be fast and fun. 

And that's what we built. 

 Since then hundreds of women have come out of the woodwork, taken our online workout program and 

completely reversed symptoms they were told to just accept. 

They are blowing the minds of their OBGYN's. 

(Which makes us cheer so loudly!) 

What Women Like You Are Saying

I am seeing great results! This program is for everyone!

" I started FCC on the first day that the class was offered! I wanted to strengthen my core, and more so my ability to be involved in impact activities like jumping jacks and box jumps, that would assist me in building strength and flexibility.


I love the small class and intimate atmosphere! Kaleena is amazingly knowledgeable. And I LOVE the Level 2 workout series as it is allowing me to try out my success with jumping and prone positions for an extended period of time, and I am seeing great results.

I am box jumping regularly and attending Community workouts where we do jumping jacks often and able to join harder fitness classes at least 3 days a week. I am not a youngster, but young at heart and desire, and I love seeing growth in my abilities to do things I didn't know were possible a few months ago! (Or maybe even years ago!) FCC classes are for everyone and I would join Gymnazo just for these classes!” 

- B.B.

FCC has been a powerful tool in addressing all these issues!

“FCC (Female Core Conversion) is great for us more mature women! I started doing FCC to ward off the effects of aging. I had occasional threat of leaks, nothing too serious. I thought FCC could help insure that as I aged that would not turn into full blown dysfunction. I also knew I lacked core strength overall. I thought FCC would be a good way to start to work on that too. I had such poor balance and was fearful of falling when out hiking. I tried sit-ups, crunches etc. and have done yoga regularly for years. None of that seemed to make any difference.

FCC has been a powerful tool in addressing all these issues! I don't worry anymore that If a restroom isn't readily available that I will be struggling to maintain control! My balance has improved significantly! I am much more confident hiking on uneven terrain. I have gained so much knowledge regarding how the PCNS functions and how poor function affects more than I realized! It permeates every activity you undertake every day. FCC's effect on my overall fitness has been amazing."

- L.H.

Female Core Conversion taught way beyond how mainstream medicine was treating my female issues.

"Functional movement was completely foreign to my body. I spent years training and competing in a sport that I was naturally good at but basically performed in a single plane of movement. There was little connection between my upper and lower body and in hindsight it was why I was injury prone. Female Core Conversion taught way beyond how mainstream medicine was treating my female issues. I was so impressed at how quickly I saw results through functional movement not drugs and surgery! 

I could not be more impressed with the tribe at Gymnazo who are connected, focused and passionate not only about movement but about life and sharing their knowledge. It is a journey that is changing and strengthening my body and mind and that challenges me every workout. I am moving “3d” and feeling like I am on the right path! "

- L.K.

We are On a Mission

We are passionate about helping women to recover and heal their bodies naturally. 

We understand that these embarrassing symptoms are COMMON. But that doesn’t make them NORMAL. 

  • You deserve to have your body back after menopause. 
  • ​You deserve to feel strong and capable. 
  • ​You deserve to not pee when you laugh at a good joke or jump. 
  • ​You deserve to age gracefully and not “live with” these embarrassing symptoms. 
  • ​You deserve to heal naturally and not be told by medical staff to either accept this or get painful surgery to fix your PCNS.

It’s time to take back control and heal your body naturally!

Start seeing results in just 

12 workouts!

Get Results Like These Women 

Since starting FCC I feel generally stronger overall, and there are literally no leaks going on!

"I started Female Core Conversion (FCC) because I would experience a wee leak or two – but, as a woman of a certain age, I thought the FCC approach would be a good way to head this off at the pass. I’m also trying to keep my core strong and balance and flexibility healthy, and this program has been consistent with those goals. Since starting FCC I feel generally stronger overall, and there are literally no leaks going on. ” 
- S.M.

I can play with my grandkids without fearing I may have an accident.

"I have had issues with incontinence since my hormones started to change when entering menopause, but was never sure what steps I needed to take to fix them. I was excited to see something that actually targets these issues and seeks to resolve them.

Since starting the FCC program I've learned so much about the the pelvic core system and how it functions.

Along with no longer peeing myself, I've even resolved some knee pain I was also expeirencing. I didn't realize the two could be related.  I can play with my grandkids without fearing I may have an accident.

- M.J.

We Stand Behind This Program - No-Risk Guarantee 

If you are not completely happy with your results after trying and completing the Pelvic Floor Restore program, we will refund you for the full value of the training program! 

We do not have any interest in leaving a bad taste in anyone’s mouth and it’s not worth it to us to profit from you not achieving the results you wanted. 

That’s not the kind of business we run. 

So we offer this 30-day money back guarantee. 

(Side note: if you do seek a full refund and mail us your Pelvicore ball, we will also send you a refund for that piece of equipment too!)

We are here to support you and help you restore your body. And we are happy to say we’ve already helped many women achieve the results they were looking for! 

Click below to get started today! 

Quick FAQ’s 

  • Can I get results even if it’s been years since childbirth?: Yes! The PCNS is a neuromuscular system that can be re-trained no matter how long it has been. 
  • Will I get better results than doing Kegels: Yes! Kegels can only do so much for the pelvic floor. Kegels DO NOT address dysfunction caused by C-sections, tearing, or inability to control intraabdominal pressure. 
  • Can I do other exercise programs at the same time? Yes. Functional movement training outside of FCC is highly encouraged. 
  • ​I haven’t had kids yet or gone through menopause, but I have some of the symptoms listed above, will this help? Yes! It is very common for women to experience PCNS dysfunction regardless of what stage of life they are in. Trauma or dysfunction to the PCNS is not always directly caused by childbirth or hormones, either. The class will help any female, and coaches will specifically modify exercise to treat and address the causes of your individual symptoms. 
  • ​If I don’t buy the Pelvicore ball will I still be able to get results? No. While you may see some success, the Pelvicore Pro does things for the lower legs muscles, pelvic floor, and hips that you simply won't be able to achieve without it. 
  • ​Are the exercise videos mobile friendly? How can I view the workouts? Yes. You can view them through the desktop site or through our Apple/Android mobile app.

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