Multi-Dimensional Movement Coach


A transformative 6-month mentorship program to help you build a sustainable career!

Becoming More Than Personal Trainers

I believe that as trainers and movement coaches, we can being doing more for our clients.

As we've learned in 2020, we are considered a non-essential part of the health care system. But you and I both know that we are the preventative arm! There is a big opportunity for us now more than ever, as coaches, to take a bigger role in helping people to live happier, healthier, more active lives...pain free. I invite you to join me in this conversation about what this looks like and the potential that you have to build a thriving and sustainable career in the fitness industry as a Movement Specialist, not just a personal trainer.

"I have a new perspective on working out that will forever change how I program. I used to only think in terms of mainly sagittal plane movements and now I am able to see and implement the benefits of 3D movement and training.

- Myles H.

How does MDMC work?

MDMC has been designed for applied learning, accelerated growth and expanded ways of thinking.

With 15 years of experience behind me and over $100,000 invested in my education, this program has been intentionally designed from the knowledge I've gained to help you accelerate your growth and have a successful roadmap to a sustainable career in fitness. This program includes:

  • In-depth explorations of the sciences and principles of movement

  • Mentorship and accountability from people who want to see you succeed

  • Community and connection with likeminded coaches

There are 12 video modules covering mindset, the sciences of coaching and training, customer experience, chain reaction biomechanics, corrective exercise (we call it tweakology), coaching skills, programming, sales strategies, softwares, and virtual training. You can see the full outline of the course here. Within each module there are homework assignments to help you integrate and apply the knowledge from that module. You are required to complete and submit each homework assignment for feedback.

Every week, one of our senior coaches will hold a live weekly coaching call to dive deeper into some of the topics presented in the course. Each call will be recorded and added to your Coaching Calls portal where you will also have access to our library of previously recorded calls. We will also hold optional monthly coffee talks as a way of providing time to connect with other MDMC students and alumni.

Once you've graduated the MDMC program, the course is yours to keep forever so you can continue to come back to it to refresh and deepen your knowledge and skills.

Open up to your potential as a coach

You don't know, what you don't know. So many coaches come to us stuck in the traditional ways of training, but knowing there must be a different way, a better way. MDMC was created to lift the veil to what you don't know and expose you to new ways of thinking that are rooted in undeniable truths and principles of movement.

To open up to your full potential as a coach, you have to put your ego aside and admit that you do not know everything and that what you're currently doing might not be good enough. It takes an open mind and a willingness to let your current beliefs and ways of thinking be challenged for you to grow into the coach you have the potential to be.

The MDMC course will challenge you, it will expand you and it will transform you and your clients. Our goals include:

  • giving you the bigger picture of the interconnectedness that our bodies, our coaching and our business operates in

  • empowering you with critical thinking and problem solving skills so you can know HOW to think, not just WHAT to think.

  • giving you a lens through which you can see and extrapolate from all other methodologies

  • drawing out your creativity and playfulness when it comes to programming

  • quickening your ability to adapt so you can run your sessions smoother and more efficiently

  • equipping you with a plan for business growth

Is MDMC a fit for you?

The MDMC mentorship program is designed to help you reach your full potential as a coach and give you a roadmap you can follow to get there. It was created to give you a new perspective about movement and help you fill in the gaps that the typical continued education programs leave open. If you've been seeking innovative and more well-rounded ways to train your clients and deliver them results without always having to give from an empty cup, this program is for you.

The MDMC program is designed to fit your needs. It is a completely online and self-paced so you can fit it into your schedule how you like from anywhere in the world. Along the way, we will have weekly live Zoom calls to provide support, deepen your knowledge and get your questions answered. You will also have access to a very supportive community of like-minded trainers who you can lean on if you get stuck or just need some guidance.

WOW! My confidence has skyrocketed! I feel more capable on every level as a coach. This has been the most impactful piece of my career!

- Jose R.

Who Teaches MDMC?

Hey! I'm Michael Hughes!

I've been a coach in the fitness industry for 17 years now, a Fellow of Applied Function Science from the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation for 10 years and owner of a 7-figure fitness facility called Gymnazo for 12 years.

Over the past 17 years I've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into my education about the body and running a business. In that time, I've learned how to apply physical therapy strategies and fundamental principles of movement science to my training sessions to help hundreds of people reduce or even eliminate their movement related pains and create a thriving sales systems that keeps clients coming back.

It is my mission to teach trainers what I know and give them a roadmap to a sustainable and profitable career in fitness. One that gives them freedom from time, money, and stress while also providing 5-star results to clients that help them move better and pain free.

I want to help trainers and coaches reach their full potential and gain the confidence and expertise they want by taking them from self-doubting to empowered Movement Specialists who are equipped to assess movement-related pain and dysfunctions, able to create sustainable programs and tweak successfully for maximum results, as well as gain and retain clients based on consistently reliable results and referrals.

What Your MDMC Enrollment Includes:

More Details on These Inclusions...


In these modules are 140+ in-depth videos covering the multiple dimensions of what it means to be a masterful coach, including coaching skills, business skills, programming skills, leadership skills, assessment skills, problem solving skills and more. To see a full outline of the course, click here.


Knowledge means nothing without the application of it. This course is not about memorizing a list of exercises and muscles. It's about understanding the knowledge and knowing how to put into practice to better serve your clients. So we've created a workbook with applied homework assignments to help you integrate what you've learned in the course


Most online courses give you videos to watch and wish you good luck, never ever speaking to you. We recognize that, especially in fitness, this is not the best way to help people learn. We understand that you want to know if you're doing something right or wrong, so our coaches are here and available to provide you with affirmations, encouragement and guidance to keep you on the right track and help you learn from your mistakes.


With the MDMC program you get access to 6 months of live coaching calls. These are opportunities for you to deepen into different topics that come up in this course, interact with our coaches and ask your questions. We highly encourage you to make the time to attend live to get the most out of these calls, however each call will be recorded and available for you to watch and rewatch in your Coaching Calls portal.


The private online MDMC community forum is hosted on Discord. This is the place for you to interact with your fellow MDMCs, get to know the Gymnazo EDU coaches and staff, submit your homework, share and celebrate your wins, stay accountable, receive support, ask your questions, bring your client conundrums and get the links for live coaching calls and workshops.

CEC & CEU Credits

The MDMC course fulfills your continued education credits! YAY! If you have a NASM, AFAA or ACE certification, you can see the number of credits this program qualifies for in the section above.


As we've mentioned, the contents of this course go very in-depth, which means you're probably going to want to go back and rewatch some of the videos to deepen your understanding and connect more dots. We're also continually updating and adding new content to make MDMC even better, so because you'll have lifetime access you'll also get access to any and all updates!


Community is something that is very important to us and we genuinely want to get to know you! So once a month on a Saturday morning, I (Michael) host a casual virtual coffee talk to just chat, shoot the shit, share experiences and stories, laugh, get inspired and have fun! These are optional and not recorded Zoom calls, but highly encouraged to attend!


As an MDMC, you get discounts on various programs! You get a $250-$500 credit that you can use towards future Masterminds, retreats and in-person workshops and certifications as well as 15% off all of our Gymnazo EDU products and programs like the Spherical Movement course, Learn to Rope Flow, Pre-Programmed Workouts, and On-Demand workouts!

Taking Your Space in MDMC...

Program Investment: $3000-$5000 USD

The MDMC program is a culmination of my life's work. It has taken 17 years of investing in the best education and coaching, learning from mistakes, and consistently innovating and seeking excellence to be able to provide an accelerated path for you to reach your potential as a coach and achieve your own dreams. I have poured my heart and soul into this program because I believe it has the ability to transform the fitness industry for the better. What has taken me 17 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn, I want to provide to you for a fraction of the time, energy and cost.

2 Package Options

Group Coaching Package

  •  6 months of weekly Group Coaching Calls + access to library of previously recorded calls

  •  Lifetime access to the MDMC Course and future updates

  • Personalized Feedback on all completed applied assignments 

  • 15% off all Gymnazo products and programs

  • 1 year of access to Private MDMC Community to get your questions answered and continue your learning

  • $250 off Future Mastermind Program or Trainer Retreat

VIP Coaching Package

  • 8 Exclusive 1-on-1 60-minute phone calls with a Senior Coach

  •  6 months of weekly Group Coaching Calls + access to library of previously recorded calls

  •  Lifetime access to the MDMC Course and future updates

  • Personalized Feedback on all completed applied assignments 

  • 15% off all Gymnazo products and programs

  • 2 years of access to Private MDMC Community to get your questions answered and continue your learning

  • $500 off Future Mastermind Program or Trainer Retreat

Payment Plan Options

In an effort to make this course as accessible as possible while still being able to provide as much value as we can, we offer 3, 6, & 12-month payment plans when you pay with PayPal.

21-Day Money Back Guarantee

At Gymnazo EDU, we stand behind our programs and services. We want every client to be a satisfied client. Our MultiDimensional Movement Coaching Program is designed to help you take your coaching to the next level. You may participate in MDMC program for the first 21 days risk-free. If you follow the program and don’t feel the value, then we’ll happily refund the money you’ve paid us upon request before 12:00 pm on the 21st day.

What Trainers Are Saying About MDMC

"You gotta do it. You're gonna be out of the loop and miss the boat if you don't. MDMC put me lightyears ahead of where I was. If you're serious about your business and training people, it's worth the investment."

~ Myles H.

"It's the best program out there! It has helped me recognize how I move and how I coach and given me tools to be more aware of my language patterns, the way others want to be coached, how to be quicker at addressing others movements and giving them variety and creativity that's beneficial for them"

~ Ellie H.

"It felt like a fast track to building a business and doing it in a way that I know I can take care of people and I know I can give them results."

~ Abram D.

"MDMC helped in a way of boosting my own confidence, my ability to see things that I couldn't see before, my ability to move better and understand how everything's connected. Just gave me a better understanding of all those things. And also, not just that, but a little bit of psychology of how people are, too. So that was pretty cool."

~ Katrina A.

"I wasn't expecting the level of depth of the videos, it's not a one size fits all type of course...MDMC has helped me grow so much as a person. It's helped me grow so much as a coach. And yeah, I can't wait to keep seeing where it goes."

~ Jose R.

"You will absolutely love the results! From the MDMC program, I was able to start planning my conditioning to go along with the skills that I was trying to build in my athletes. I'd look at those skills, break them down, and then build my conditioning program around those. And I was seeing immediate results. Sometimes within a day,"

~Joy J.


FAQ # 1: Do i need to have training experience?

Nope! You can be brand spanking new to training. Whether you're fresh out of school or you're looking to make a career transition, this program will give you a career roadmap and the foundational principles of movement that your typical personal training certification just doesn't get into.

FAQ # 2: What's the timeline for this program?

This program is self-paced, but on average people finish in about 6 months completing about 2 modules per month (there are 12 total). We understand that everyone has a different schedule and life circumstances, so we want to provide you the flexibility to move through the course at a pace that suits you. With that said, coaching calls are included only for the first 6 months, so after that you will need to subscribe to continue to have access to those. Accountability, though, is a big part of this program and it's our goal to have 100% of our students graduate our program, so you can expect us to reach out if we see that you haven't made any progress after a certain period of time.

FAQ # 3: What if i can't make the live coaching calls?

While we certainly encourage you to make it to the live coaching calls, every call is recorded and will be available in your coaching calls membership portal.

FAQ # 4: What makes this course different?

Unlike many other courses and programs offered in the fitness industry. This program is a mentorship, which means I (Michael) and my senior coaches are here to interact with you, answer your questions directly and provide you feedback in real-time to make sure you are integrating and applying the knowledge you learn from this course.

We emphasize teaching you HOW to think instead of WHAT to think. We will never give you a list of exercises to use in your programming. We focus on teaching you the principles of movement so that you don't have to rely on memorizing protocols that may only work for some of your clients. With the principles we teach, you will be able to apply them to EVERY individual based on their needs rather than some bell-curve results from a study. Our goal is to draw out the creativity within you and empower you to play and create exercises with intention.

The MDMC program serves as 10 certifications in one. We teach you:

  • how to expertly train and build a business around the aging population

  • how to quickly and intelligently correct exercises to reduce pain so you never miss a beat

  • how to apply Spherical Movement strategies and principles to your programming to create well-balanced and intentional full body workouts for your clients

  • how to use and program for ANY piece of equipment

  • how to run, program and coach 5-star group sessions that feel individualized for every client

  • how to run, program and coach full restoration sessions focused on stretching, flexibility, and mobility

  • how to use behavioral psychology to better coach and motivate your clients to reach their goals and make them a loyal client for life

  • how to run, program and coach 5-star virtual group sessions

  • how to create progressive functional programs for ANY sport

  • how to reverse engineer the root causes of movement pains and dysfunctions

Mostability: Applied

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